One of the newest public spaces in the city:

IMG_8319 (Large)

It’s only a few meters wide:  the brown paving in the pic above.

Space for a bench, a foodcart and, most importantly, a line-up of people.  Before, they blocked the sidewalk, even spilled onto the bicycle path.  Absurdly congested.

By taking a lane from the road to make this space, everyone comfortably moves through or stands around – relaxing, without wondering what they might run into.

IMG_8323 (Large)


With room to breathe, wonderful things happen:


A small piece of public space, critically located – what a difference a small intervention can make.  Here’s the ‘before’ shot by Rick Jelfs:

Sidewalk Closure-Beach West of Denman-2016-02-02 (2)


Up for discussion: extending the flag triangle where Beach, Denman and Pacific meet, across the avenue to the Seaside greenway and the beachfront.