D. John Goundrey, in Business In Vancouver, looks into some legal sides (five) of the proposed empty house tax. He starts with describing how this hot potatoe has been juggled elsewhere. As background to the five-potatoe Vancouver journey, he incidentally walks through basic legal ground on rights of ownership and of governments. Never fear, his writing is brief, clear and witty.

Business In Vancouver:  In any event, the idea that we somehow have an untrammelled right to use and enjoy our property as we see fit is wishful thinking (or unwished for thinking, depending on your perspective), and I doubt that a court would see a tax on empty homes as much different from all the other taxes or restrictions we have to cope with if we choose to own property.




D. John Goundrey is a partner at the Vancouver law firm of Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP whose practice involves property law.  John is a keen traveler and cyclist who sees touring the world on two wheels as an opportunity to eat and drink whatever he wants.