1. Three business reps write an op-ed in support of the Massey Bridge in The Sun:


One their reasons:

In its own studies, Metro Vancouver estimates our population will grow by more than one million new residents by the year 2041. With that in mind, we need to invest in a long-term solution that prepares us for this explosive growth over the next two decades. If we want to be a world-class region, we need to invest in world-class infrastructure.

Growth, in other words, will be massively directed south of the Fraser, on to the agricultural lands of what will become an industrialized delta.

Our organizations share Metro Vancouver’s concerns for environmental protection and sustainable growth. However, given our involvement in the planning for this project over the last four years, we are confident this project falls in line with Metro Vancouver’s own Regional Growth Strategy.

Well, no it doesn’t.  It’s not in the regional plan (indeed it goes against the very principle of a compact urban region) and it wasn’t even in any provincial plan (a previous transportation minister had even ruled it out.)

But apparently now we need all ten lanes ’cause that’s world class.