Jenni Sheppard takes us for a nuts and bolts spin on Mobi. Plenty of detail on how it works and what to expect. Thanks to DailyHive.

Mobi-bike-share-7. . .  when it comes to getting a bike, it’s about as simple as it gets – go to a docking station, press enter on the bike’s keypad, scan your card and enter your pin.

After a few seconds the bike will beep, unlock and you can go.

To return it, you just push the bike back into the rack at a docking station; after about 15 seconds the bike will beep to register as returned and you can walk away. . . .

. . .  “These are really meant for short trips, to get you from A to B,” said Kohout [Ed:  GM of Mobi]. “For people who ride already, it’s just an extra convenience factor.”