From a year ago, but worth repeating, Peter Ladner in BIV looks at another big change in how we think about how we get around our city.  This time, feet, and the pedestrian.

The issues:  reducing deaths and injury, reducing congestion, improving health.

Streets designed exclusively for the most efficient through-flow of car traffic may turn out to be a temporary blip in urban design, now that the full costs and limited capacity of automobile mobility are coming into focus. . . .

. . .  As more people decide to walk, the city’s Transportation 2040 goal – “Make walking safe, convenient, comfortable and delightful” – is getting new legs. Some Point Grey Road homeowners are about to lose their front yards so the city can widen the sidewalks and sweeten the walking experience on the Seaside Greenway.

Cities now have enough good reasons to cater to pedestrians that they are starting to get a lot more serious about it.