Jens von Bergmann has produced a nifty bit of data visualization on encroachment by certain property owners onto city-owned land.  And, quell surprise, he’s pointed his computers at the Point Grey Road area.

The blue areas are private property, and the colour represents land value — dark blue is over $ 10,000/m2; lightest blue is a paltry $ 4,000 – $ 5,000 per m2.


Land value data over satellite map — MountainMath.ca

Check this link to get to the original site and more detail.

Via Twitter:   

Jens von Bergmann@vb_jens Jun 22

Who is encroaching on valuable public land? Check our handy land value over satellite map.

Mr. von Bergmann runs MountainMath:  ” …. an independent Vancouver-based company centered around data analysis, management and visualization.”