Looking down on a little park on the edge of Yaletown at the foot of Helmcken Street.  It was built before the highrises and gentrification of Yaletown; only the extended-care home to the north and the warehouses to the west existed.  The rest was parking lot and railyards.


Now it has matured and provides an oasis for Yaletowners of all types, as these images from Michael Alexander illustrate.

LUF 6 (Large)

LUF 4 (Large)

LUF 2 (Large)

Unfortunately one thing hasn’t changed, as Michael notes:

Barricade (Large)

The lane at the west end of Helmcken Park. The friendly folks at the Yaletown Galleria building (right rear) have barricaded the street, which somehow became a private parking lot, with bollards and cables, while their businesses use the park’s edge for advertising.

Unfortunately the City never had, gave away or lost the right-of-way east of Mainland, preventing the extension of the park to the eventual Helmcken Greenway.