Received from Darrell Mussatto, Mayor of the City of North Vancouver


Thought I would share a little of my pain with you today.  I am getting this on a regular basis now.  I know you are very familiar with such fan mail but I think it foreshadows the municipal election discussions just over two years away.




Dear Mayor and Council,

I have lived my entire life ( off and on ) in North Vancouver. ( I’m not that old.)  I own a home here as do many of my friends.

What has been allowed to happen to our fair community is nothing short of a crime.

Why this Mayor and Council are bent on granting ( what seems like ) every application for any piece of land to have a condo built on it. Density is not what we need and now it’s seems like a runaway train.. You DO have the power to say NO more permits allowed until we figure out our infrastructure… One extra SeaBus… Not even close to solving what is going to ( and already ) is an incredible problem for the citizens of which you reign over..

Bridges, hospital, so much density … and not enough foresight.

It’s got to stop.. It’s just not all about gathering all those property taxes.. You have to think about the people that have lived here for years and those that will live here in the future. Once you build what you want to see ( like a mega city ) it will too late to stop the madness.  A moratorium needs to be put on the amount of building you have recklessly allowed.

Everyone I know feels this way.. You would have to have all the time in the world to go to every application denial. We all work so we can keep up with what you have given us— a 20 % increase in our taxes. And a now chaotic City..

It really is not just about you.

We are very concerned and the votes will be heard loud and clear at the next election if you don’t curb it.