Item from Ian: How the Dutch build tunnels

They do it in a weekend – at least in this case.

What distinguishes the Dutch is their ability at logistics.  They probably intend not so much to conquer the world but to manage it better.

From Scottish Construction Now:


Time-lapse footage has emerged which shows a group of construction workers install a 70-metre tunnel in just one weekend. …

The workers brave through torrential rain and violent winds to complete their jobs.

The time-lapse video condenses the weekend-long work, from May 20–May 22, into just three minutes. …

Despite a fierce storm, the workers manage to get on with their jobs and finish on time.

The busy national road was shut over the weekend but was back up and running by the Monday morning.

Ian:  Can we get these guys to build the subway to UBC? We’ll have it done in a month! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Item from Ian: How the Dutch build tunnels”

  1. Tim Yzerman said:

    The closure of Barnett Highway in Port Moody for the Evergreen Line was done in one weekend.


  2. Yup – don’t need to look at the grass over the fence!

    The Evergreen guideway tunnel box was constructed and then pushed or jacked into place “under” Barnet Highway (they dug a trench across it).

    A similar “jacking” method was used to place the Coast Meridian Overpass in Port Coquitlam (on piers over the railyards).

    Here’s the Evergreen video in timelapse – it was quite highly publicized at the time:


  3. The Inlet Centre station box push immediately came to my mind too so good to see others recalled it!

    I’ve been impressed with how Amsterdam keeps trams moving during construction that would likely cause a lone segment to be closed in many other places.
    GVB BN Holec 12G 826 (1991) Damrak


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