Gordon Price called it first, with the title of post-motordom.

And here it is-Amy Schmitt  in this article on Streetsblog Network describes the death of the big infrastructure project. Why? Because most of the existing infrastructure systems have been built and  need little expanding-and in some cases, could be shrunk.

With analogies to the railroads and the interstate highways of the 19th and 20th centuries where usage is shrinking, Schmitt sees new infrastructure occurring for surface transport such as High Speed Rail and urban transit projects, and for the provision of water and energy.  New systems such as internet and wireless, uber and autonomous vehicles redeploy existing technologies, and readapt them.

So what of building a new tolled  ten lane Massey Bridge   across the Fraser River to move cars onto fewer lanes of highway on either side?

Hmmm…we may have another Fraser River bridge to look at for the answer to that question.