After the conference in Groningen, I grabbed one of the hotel’s bikes (they had many) and headed off into the country – which at any point is no more than five kilometres away.  The cycling routes are, to say the least, extensive:

DSC03710 (Large)

And the topography, as you might have heard, is cycling friendly for all ages and abilities:

DSC03700 (Large)

What surprised me were the many types of road surfaces.  Asphalt, as above.  And concrete, as below.

DSC03705 (Large)

Even the narrow routes just for walking and cycling have been done in concrete:

DSC03706 (Large)

Why, I wonder?

Along the canal, however, good ol’ dirt:

DSC03720 (Large)

For a country said to be one of the densest in the world, there’s a lot of greenspace with very few buildings (all adorably kept).  Fortunately, it’s not hard to plan a cycling route where, halfway through, there will be beer.

DSC03712 (Large)