PT often complains about the lack of colour in contemporary Vancouver architecture (although Ken Ohrn did a remedial post on the subject).  So when a counter-example comes up, it’s worth highlighting – which Changing City did last week:


1155 Thurlow Street

It’s for a site behind St Paul’s hospital and close to Mole Hill that previously had a 1977 church building.

This tower had been on the radar for a while, with the rezoning submitted, and the Urban Design Panel giving it the thumbs up (having seen the model below)


Initially the lower floors were shown clad in a rather 1950s green coloured panel. The church now have an image on their website that suggests a much more colourful podium than the monotone that was initially seen at the Urban Design Panel and is still shown on the architect’s website. We should get confirmation that this is the actual design in 2018.