The West End is like most other parts of Vancouver — always changing.  Here’s a building nearing completion on Harwood St near Jervis.

Two things:

A. Fit with the ‘hood:  here’s maximum sleekness in a diverse place.


B. Exterior treatment isn’t green glass and grey.  The exterior in one place seems to be a randomly placed assortment of aluminium panels with an overall pattern; and in other places, complete coverage with no pattern.



  1. Ah yes, west-ender logic … “We embrace all forms of diversity, except when something different or unique pops up …. cuz that’s like … uh, alien. Yeah, that’s right.”

  2. It looks like a Braun appliance. I like it. Well, except for that thing on the top. Maybe they’re going to grow vines on it. If they do that it’ll be okay.

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