Harbour Centre on Hasting between Seymour and Richards, home to SFU Vancouver, is being restored – especially good news for the Richards side, which, with the blank buildings on the east side, constitutes one of the most dismal blocks in downtown.


Here’s the release from SFU:

Restore and Conserve: Our historic building here at Harbour Centre is about to get a facelift. In celebration of the building’s 90th birthday, the owners are investing millions to restore the exterior.

The key purposes of the project are ensuring the heritage architectural features of Harbour Centre are conserved, the masonry is restored and leaking, drafty windows are rehabilitated or replaced as necessary. The upgrade will make the building much more sustainable and environmentally efficient.

The good news is that the exterior of Harbour Centre will be fully restored.  

David Spencers Department store building on hastings c1930s