From frequent PT contributor Gladys We:

I got off the skytrain at Scott Road this afternoon, and watched a man and his dog (not a therapy or assistance dog, just a plain old dog on a ratty old leash) sidle up close to the back of another guy who tapped his card to get out of the station — and all three of them, the paying customer, the man, and his dog got through the faregate with one tap.

There was a “compass card helper” in a uniform at the faregate.

I asked him what was up with that, and he shrugged and said — and I quote — “Hundreds of people do it.”

So we’ve paid almost $200 million to install faregates to keep disabled people off the skytrain but the system still lets the fare cheaters through. And we’re hiring compass card staff who are getting pretty dispirited and unhelpful.

Hooray for progress?