Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza.  The reinvented Downtown Farmer’s Market is in the background.  Keep your eye out for more work like this, as the City of Vancouver has a motion on notice to increase the amount of public art via a “public art boost” (with thanks to VanCityBuzz Staff).  More on this boost below.

City Council is scheduled to debate the motion Tuesday [Ed:  May 31] to install more public and community art over the coming year, including accelerating projects that are ready for completion this summer . . . . .  There are over 400 pieces of public art in Vancouver, and recent changes to rezoning policies for private developments over 100,000 square feet now require developers to contribute $1.98 per buildable square foot to the City’s public art program.


A “Public Art Boost”  (with thanks to Councilor Heather Deal)

  • Quick starts to be brought back to Council as soon as possible and no later than the end of July.  These should include:
    • Identification of barriers to public art and suggestions of what steps are necessary to remove them;
    • Identification of projects already in process which can be enabled to be installed during the Summer of 2016;
  • Opportunities to use the Innovation Fund to leverage community partners to enable significant new public art projects for 2016 and 2017;
  • Consultation with cultural and business communities, other organizations and interested residents on expansion of public and community art opportunities and projects;
  • A robust plan to ensure existing public art is maintained;
  • A public awareness campaign about Vancouver’s public art.