Devastating poll results in The Sun:


… for the first time, Insights West has measured anger directed at B.C. politicians over housing costs. All three levels of government got scathing reviews in the poll. The provincial government was hit hardest, with 76 per cent of British Columbians expressing dissatisfaction with Victoria’s inaction. …

Support for the absentee tax peaks with millennials, aged 18 to 34, at 89 per cent. Voters aged 55 and over show 75-per-cent support for the tax. The cross-generational agreement also applies to views of politicians. …

Anger is widespread, voters are upset with all levels, and most of all Victoria,” Canseco said. “It is inaction that is leading to more cynicism against the provincial government, which is understandable given the cosy nature they have with developers, including their chief fundraiser, (condo marketer) Bob Rennie.”


A few further questions:

  • What would be the poll numbers if the question was asked about provincial government inaction on transit.  (Well, more than inaction; they stand in the way.)
  • In short, do voters make a connection between housing and transportation – and the provincial government’s explicit lack of support?
  • What would be the figures of discontent if residents of the City of Vancouver were asked about their MLAs: Anton, Stilwell, Sullivan and Wilkinson.  They have had nothing of consequence to say about those issues.  Is this noticed?
  • Why haven’t the NDP, with the exception of David Eby, really made political hay on this? The NDP has no real urban policy or platform.  Are they too concerned about being perceived as the party of urban dwellers?
  • Will Bob Rennie ever make a speech before the next provincial election, except at a Liberal fundraiser?

In a widely reported speech this week, Rennie said that Vancouver should “get out of the affordable ownership business” — and that investment from Mainland China should not be tampered with, and foreign investors should not be taxed.