We may have the chance to use the Arbutus Greenway sooner than I had thought.  Watch out, though, for crews along the way.

Mayor Robertson says, in an e-mail newsletter:

Arbutus Greenway
Construction work to remove the rail tracks on the Arbutus corridor has begun and will work from the north to the south end of the corridor over the next several months at the rate of about one kilometer per week. The City will be following behind the removal crew with asphalt paving to create a temporary pathway, allowing people to walk, cycle and experience the corridor throughout construction.

From Facebook:

The first spike was removed today as construction started on the North end of the Arbutus Corridor. CP will remove a total of 809 tons/53,962 feet of rail and the City will remove rail at 39 street & 5 lane crossings along the corridor


And CoV’s website says:

Please avoid construction zones

The first important step toward building a new green transportation corridor for the future is getting under way with the start of the removal of train rails and ties.

Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. (CP) is responsible for all rail removal along the corridor, with the exception of street crossings, as part of our land purchase agreement announced in March 2016. We are responsible for removing the rails at street crossings.

Canadian Pacific estimates their rail removal work, which is starting at the north end during the week of June 6, 2016, will proceed at the rate of about one kilometer per week.

Rail removal will be completed using heavy equipment. Work will take place during permitted construction hours. Temporary fencing and construction signage will define the areas under construction.

The removal of the rails and ties must be completed before any of our construction work can begin on the greenway. It is expected that all rail removal work will be complete by the end of 2016.

Here’s a video of the existing Arbutus Greenway: