Harvest Urban Farms is underway in Vancouver, with this location at 950 E Cordova. It’s the former site of Pilkington’s Metal Marine fabricating and machine shop.

Harvest are working on growing kale, arugula, cress, beets, radish, ruby mizuna and ruby streaks, using LED lighting and advanced hydroponics, among other technologies.


Kale growing under LED’s

And Harvest have plans for a piece of a large development now at hole-in-the-ground construction stage at 900 E Hastings. (basically south across the alley from 950 E Cordova).  Harvest plans to eventually incorporate their farm, a market, café and education centre into the complex.


This complex, known to its developers (Wall Financial) as ” Heatley at Strathcona Village” features 283 condos (sold out) with a (baffling) “luxury industrial aesthetic”, and “harbor-container” inspired structure.

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