You heard it on Friday File first-the “story of how Vancouver lost its affordability-and its mind.

Produced by Visual Capitalist which normally is focused on investments, Real Estate Mania presents in eight graphic panels the social, demographic and political history of how Vancouver developed from a boom town in 1887 to a sophisticated city.

The firm states their infographic’s purpose “is to connect the dots between Vancouver’s history of speculation, demographic waves, public policy, and external pressures that have all had a hand in shaping today’s hot real estate market in the city“.

The graphic panels do include the real estate crash in the early 1900’s as well as the impact of Expo 86.

The graphics describe major events shaping and moving Vancouver real estate to higher values include the handing over of Hong Kong to China in the 1990’s, and the Canadian government’s  controversial Immigrant Investor Program. Rising assessment values are shown on aerial photos of the city, and there are lots of graphs and statistics to fuel a discussion over a coffee or two. Are we in a bubble? And if we are, when will it burst?