The Economist’s film division has provided a 15 minute glimpse into motor vehicle transportation in the coming decades.  Called “The Disruptors”, it is less about moribund and vulnerable protected old industries (i.e. taxis) and more about alliances between old and new — like Ford and Google and Lyft.

The film wonders whether we will ride with or without a driver, but the concept of owning a personal motor vehicle is definitely being disrupted, along with the industries that build the cars.  The film includes an extensive exploration of the thoughts of Ford CEO Mark Fields.


Honest — my software is really safe for people

Mr. Fields sees a shrinking market for building cars, but looks with glee at getting a piece of the total spending by people on transit and ride-sharing. So he thinks his company needs to pivot big-time, becoming less about steel and rubber, and more about software and services.  Hello, Google and Uber.