James Bligh (occasional Price Tags author) writes in the Architecture section of Vancouver Is Awesome about a concept for the city.

In 2013 Trevor Vilac, a local Building Science Technologist, proposed a new type of building which, through vertical hydroponics, could reintroduce farming into the city. The benefits include reducing transportation distances, increasing availability of produce, exposing younger generations to the agriculture industry, and revolutionizing the farm-to-table movement. Trevor describes the project below:

TV: The Growing Machine is an industrial and educational building focusing on urban agriculture. The Growing Machine combines industry with public amenities by integrating elements such as a vertical hydroponic garden, classrooms integrated to the garden, research labs, and a farmer’s market on the ground floor. The intentions of this project are to define urban agriculture as a new industrial typology, and to combine agriculture, sustainability, and education into a holistic experience.


The Growing Machine by Trevor Vilac, proposed for the corner of Commercial Drive and Franklin Street


Section of the Growing Machine by Trevor Vilac