Ian: I don’t like the elevator type entry, but everything else seems feasible, and would not seem to require more than a streetcar track adjacent to the curb. This would also be a good incentive to finally bury power wires – seriously, why are above ground wires still a thing?

Seems to have impressive capacity (approaching a Seabus) … and speaking as a tall person, who is often almost clipped by high level bus mirrors, it certainly doesn’t seem any more dangerous than those.

From boredpanda:

It’s known as the Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) and it could very well be the future of public transport. It’s only a concept for the moment but a working mini model was recently presented at the 19th China Beijing International High-Tech Expo.

The bus will be able to carry up to 1200 passengers and will take them to work and back by literally driving over the traffic. It’s a brilliant idea that could potentially alleviate congestion and reduce pollution in the world’s most populous country. If approved it could also be ready in as little as one year’s time.