HUB held it’s Commuter Challenge, the annual pre-Bike-to-Work-Week event, on Wednesday morning. Thirteen teams (2 from Norco), each member starting at the same time from a common point, timed their trips to Granville and Georgia. A first this year, the person riding a bike led the way for all teams — over distances from 10.4 to 2.4 km (average 5.4  km).  Teams left their start point at around 8 a.m. and arrived at the finish line at around 8:30 to 9 am. The heart of rush hour.

Participating teams:  Norco Bicycles, Lafarge, Translink, City of Vancouver, Vancouver Coastal Health, Netherlands Consulate, VanCity, The Georgia Straight, Two Wheel Gear, Momentum Magazine, Roundhouse Radio, Bike Doctor.

Check out the results chart:  the times and comments for each team are in the order of:  bike, car, transit. Also check out a few team photos.

True to national form, the Netherlands Consul General rode in the challenge, and the team used two bikes — one an electric.