BC Business reports on an online Insights West poll of 802 residents throughout the province about their commute.  Results vary, of course, by location, and there are plenty of insights into how we get to work, and how we’d like to.

Asked to describe their ideal work commute, compared to their actual:

City of Vancouver

  • 18% would drive, and 21% do.
  • 29% would take transit, and 38% do
  • 16% would take a bike, and 10% do
  • 31% would walk, and 20% do


  • 34% would drive, and 43% do.
  • 23% would take transit, and 19% do
  • 11% would take a bike, and 3% do
  • 23% would walk, and 9% do

Transit riders, in particular, do not like overcrowding (77%) and waiting (64%). To me, this suggests that demand exceeds capacity.


Transit congestion


And Eric MacKenzie discusses the poll in 24 Hours Vancouver

According to an Insights West poll conducted for BC Business, 23% of B.C. residents surveyed said they consider their commute “moderately annoying” and a further 6% said their daily trip is “very annoying.”

However, tedium among people on their way to work or school is nearly exclusive to those who drive or take public transit. Some 96% of those travelling on foot and 95% of cyclists described their commute as some level of “pleasant.” Less than two-thirds of drivers and transit users did the same . . .

. . . Meanwhile, results of the poll suggest that the same trends will continue. More than 90% of cyclists said their commute is better or the same compared to five years ago, but 33% of drivers and 28% of transit riders said their trip to work got worse over the same period.