Khan announced he wants to try to persuade foreign investors to instead put their money into helping build affordable homes through a new agency, Homes for Londoners, which plans to build new municipal housing with backing from public and private money.

Something I’ve thought about often, and spoken of a few times, is a kind of investment agency, where you can invest in Vancouver, instead of investing in a bank … returns would be better, and the funds (as Kahn proposes) could build affordable housing.

Vancouverism Bonds?

How about learning from the futures markets, and instead of buying corn futures, buy housing futures, redeemable for a house if things go pear shaped wherever you come from, but not requiring you to physically own any particular housing unit (your safe deposit box in the sky need not be built for you specifically to have access to your funds, just like banks don’t have to have cash on hand for all investments).

Vancouver Futures?