UBC prof Paul Kershaw has been organizing and speaking on ‘Generation Squeeze’ for some time.  But now, with Code Red and the housing crisis, it seems to have broken through.

Code Red

Youth across the country are bearing the brunt of sky-high real estate prices and are forced to squeeze their families into smaller spaces, said Paul Kershaw, the organizer of a movement called Generation Squeeze.

“These are massive deteriorations in the standard of living,” Kershaw told CTV News. “We need to take this seriously. It’s urgent, like there’s a code red problem in a hospital.”

His “Code Red” campaign features videos made by young people that show a family putting beds for three kids in a cabinet, under a desk and in a couch – and another woman offering rent to “students” in kitchen cupboards.

They’re meant to be a humourous take on how a broken housing market has forced young people to make more and more desperate living arrangements – but they often hit too close to the bone, said Kershaw.

“When did having a child and being able to have a bedroom for it become the equivalent of a Ferrari in your driveway? It’s become a status symbol to afford a bedroom,” he said.

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Here’s the guessing game: How long will it take the provincial government to come forward with something that says, ‘We care.”?