The double rows of street trees planted on both sides of Georgia were the consequence of the “Greening of Georgia” plan – an urban-design proposal done, I believe, in the early 1980s (help me out here, anyone who remembers!).

At that time, the northern blocks from Chilco to Cardero to were largely empty.  (Hard to believe, but as late as the 1970s there were used-car lots along the westerly stretch of Georgia, in addition to industrial buildings and parking lots.)




Once the City had decided that Alberni Street would not be part of a couplet meant to feed one-way traffic in and out of the core, another urban-design plan for the Georgia-Alberni corridor was developed.   The idea was that each block would have the same combination of mid- and highrise towers at the ends of the site, with a row of townhouses along the southern edge.  And filling up the rest of the site, facing Georgia, would be a green court – a heavily landscaped minipark, often with a water feature or pond.

Today that vision is visible:



The green court in the 1900-block, combined with Harbour Park on the north and the redevelopment of the old bus loop at the foot of Alberni to the west, does seem to make for an unbroken extension of Stanley Park into the city.