Vancouver was one of the first cities in North America to experiment with traffic calming – in particular in the West End at the beginning of the 1970s.  And one of the ways chosen to stop through traffic was to create parks where the streets were.  Like this:.




Three were built West of Denman in the 1970s, and then four East of Denman in the 1980s.  And then, not so many.  (Though I welcome nominations of any built over the last two decades, preferably with pics.)

Perhaps we are entering a new era of miniparks.  I came across two in the last few weeks: one under construction at 17th and Yukon:

Miniparks (2)


The other at Bute and Davie – Jim Deva Plaza:

Minipark 1



No doubt they will be different in character.  Here’s a rendering of what the City approved for Deva Plaza (named after LGBT activist Jim Deva):



It looks idyllic, of course (I see bubbles have replaced kites in the rendering biz), but not particularly reflective of the neighbourhood.  Here’s a suggestion from Copenhagen of what to do with an urban space:



This is Oscar’s, one of the best-known LGBT restaurant/bars in the city.  The windows open to the adjacent space, where the chairs and tables cluster to create a convivial environment.  Even blankets are provided on the cooler nights.

I think Jim would like that.