Have to post this for obvious reasons (spoiler alert: Meggs and Price won).


Vancouver allows a lot of wiggle room in its zoning requirements to be able to negotiate trade-offs with developers. That can spawn public amenities, but sometimes public backlash as well. Time to stop this “spot zoning” and nail down a city-wide plan?

Urbanarium debate


  1. Do all the jaw jaw jaw you like. Plan plan plan until the cows come home. It will be forgotten before the ink dries. And those three smiley faces know it!

    I am thinquing of the few great cities I have known: Montreal, New York, London, Mexico City, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Oaxaca, York (I attended school in medieval York) etc etc.

    They all came about by . . . how the hell did they cmoeo about anyway? By circumstance, not paper planning by three well groomed no bodies stuck out there on that Point?

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