We invite you to join us for an engaging series of webinars on Next-Generation Transportation, brought to you in partnership with the Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers (CITE).

Next-Generation Transportation Webinar Series

Congestion and Challenge: How cities can effectively respond to transportation demands

$20, May 16, 2016, 12–1:30 pm PDT
Speaker: Daniel Firth, Sustainable Urban Mobility Strategy, City of Stockholm
There aren’t many cities with full-scale congestion pricing. Singapore, London, Stockholm are among the best known. What conditions allowed that to happen in a city like Stockholm? What motivated it?

This webinar takes a look at what happened, with someone who was there when it happened. Daniel Firth is project manager for Stockholm’s Sustainable Urban Mobility Strategy. He’s responsible for the implementation of Stockholm’s policies on congestion pricing and strategic parking management. Before Stockholm, Daniel spent five years at Transport for London, working on the implementation and operation of the central London congestion charging scheme.

Daniel will discuss the impediments and the responses—and provide an up-to-date analysis of the results…along with suggestions on what they’d do today if they started over.



From Hair-Raising to Family-Friendly: How Calgary Built its Cycle-Track Network
FREE, but reservations are required. May 24, 1-2:30 pm PDT
Speaker: Ryan Martinson, Stantec

Calgary put itself on the map with its ambitious implementation of a network of cycle tracks in the downtown core in 2015. It took a dedicated team of city administrators, advocates, business representatives and city builders to implement this game-changing project. In the course of two years, conditions for bicycle travel downtown went from hair-raising to family-friendly. Now, more trips than ever are being made by bicycle.

Ryan will walk us through the challenges and opportunities his team faced throughout this project and their ‘team’ approach to the cycle network study and implementation. By providing lessons learned and special considerations for treatments, he hopes to share the possibilities that other cities have in fulfilling their bicycle-friendly aspirations.



The City is a Gym: How Vancouver became a healthier city through the design of its transportation system

$20, May 27, 2016, 1–2:30 pm PDT
Speaker: Gordon Price, SFU City Program

When people have to drive to a gym to use an exercise bicycle, something is wrong.  What if the city itself encouraged activity, providing safe and accessible ways to get needed exercise while at the same time getting someplace. This presentation by SFU City Program Director Gordon Price will explore how Vancouver is becoming the city as workout—and what measurable outcomes have resulted.


Next-Generation Transportation Info Sessions

Register for an information session to learn more about how the online Next-Generation Transportation certificate can help you move your community and career forward.
May 11, 3 – 4 pm PDT (online)
June 25, 1 – 2 pm PDT (online)

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