Kenneth Chan in VanCity Buzz details the planned 40,000 sq. ft. $15.5M upgrades to VPL Downtown.


The seventh and eighth floors are coming off a 20-year Provincial Gov’t lease. The plan is for the eighth and the roof to be turned into (very welcome) public space, to include:

  • 77-seat auditorium
  • Art and exhibit space
  • Meeting rooms
  • Quiet reading room
  • Outdoor terraces
  • 8000 sq. ft. public garden (roof)
  • 8000 sq. ft. of indoor area (roof)


CoV is thinking of the seventh floor for the City of Vancouver Archives at some future date.

Plenty of surprises, but none as big as this:  quoting Sandra Singh, Chief Librarian of VPL on future plans.

Singh also noted that the basement-level children’s library is often at capacity and staff are looking at ways to expand and update that level. Since the library was built, the downtown population has soared and that includes many families with young children.

“When this library was built in 1995, nobody imagined the extraordinary number of families that would be living in the downtown area,” she said. “This has become not just the Central Library to them but also their local neighbourhood library.”