Us, of course.  And now according to the Sightline Institute:

Sightline 2

Altogether, Sightline tabulates 4,920 car-sharing vehicles in Cascadia. That’s just 0.4 percent of these cities’ estimated 1.4 million motor vehicles, but at any moment on city streets, more than 1 percent of moving vehicles are typically car-shares, because shared vehicles are driven much more of the time than private cars, which on average sit parked more than 23 hours a day. In the cities’ dense, close-in neighborhoods, car-shares account for an even larger share of moving autos, sometimes as much as 5 percent—an impressive change in just a decade or two.

Portland Seattle Vancouver, BC
   Modo 450
   Zipcar 225 312 225
   Car2Go 500 750 1,275
   Evo 600
   ReachNow 370
   Getaround 90
   Turo 43 80
Total 858 1,512 2,550


  1. Would be interesting to see the percentage of the population that is car share members in Portland and Seattle, given how much Vancouver’s has recently grown.

  2. Part of the reason that Vancouver looks like it is the top car share city is because we don’t have UBER. If Uber existed the demand for Evo and Car2go and Modo would go down significantly.

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