From Modus, by way of Jillian Glover:



Many of us have fallen in love with Vancouver and decided to “move in together.” Now that we’re all trying to live in this small space, we’re being forced to confront our personal and cultural assumptions. This includes the kinds of homes we expect to raise a family in, how to get around, how to make our neighbourhoods better, and how to welcome new people without displacing existing community members.

Deciding to stay isn’t right for everyone, but those who choose to stay are developing creative and innovative ways to build our city for the future. That has always been the way things are done in Vancouver.  (Check out the ways here.) …

So to the people who choose to stay, let’s not forget the innovative ways we have faced challenges in the past and let’s create new, bold ways to move forward into the future. For all of these reasons, we are not breaking up with you, Vancouver. We are going to stay and try to work this out.


The Team at Modus Planning, Design and Engagement