As Vancouver’s transportation scene changes, with new infrastructure for people on foot and on bikes, the numbers need some visibility. HERE‘s some latest data from the City of Vancouver. And HERE is the detailed report on the panel survey, for those who like to understand the numbers, and perhaps for those few who like to “lemon-pick”.

  • Daily trips by mode of travel:  People on bikes 7%.
  • Trips to work:  People on bikes 10%
  • Total trips by bike:  131,025 per day (up 32% from 2014 to 2015)
  • Total trips by bike:  134,824 (if recreational trips included)



There is also a qualitative change in who’s out there travelling around on a bike, doing ordinary day-to-day stuff. The sort of thing pictured below is becoming a commonplace sight on Vancouver’s growing network of safe and effective infrastructure for people who want to ride their bike.


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