CMHC wants you to offer your thoughts and proposals as a part of their visioning exercise called:  “Granville Island 2040”.  Look for a call to consultants on May 9.

Granville Island 2040

Dr. Michael Stevenson, President Emeritus and Vice-Chancellor of Simon Fraser University, will lead the project on behalf of CMHC. A member advisory board including representatives from Granville Island and the Granville Island Trust will be formed to help guide the process and decisions of this plan. The plan will also examine the best governance structure for the continued long-term success of Granville Island.. . . .

. . . . There will be community consultation from the beginning of the Plan’s development through to its final draft. Requests for Proposals to prepare a Land Use Vision & Strategy, and a long-term renewed Vision for Arts & Culture, both of which will include public consultation, will be issued on May 9th.

It is anticipated that the Plan will be completed by the end of 2016.

A meagre bit of guidance on how to get on the advisory board HERE.


One big question:  what replaces Emily Carr University?

Here’s some local reaction from Mike Howell in the Courier:

An advisory board and the Granville Island Trust will help guide the process and decisions of the plan, which will also determine the best governance structure for the island . . .

. . . Stevenson said he agreed with Fry’s description of the island as a jewel. He said it was a success story in Canadian urban planning and the property is much loved by Vancouverites and tourists. But, he added, inevitably after 40 years they are “aging issues that need attention.”

“There are a number of infrastructure maintenance issues, there are traffic management issues, there is transit connectivity as a continuing problem and there have been changes in the 40 years that have meant the competitive landscape for commercial enterprises, especially the food market, has changed markedly,” he said. “But nobody wants to re-invent the wheel or fix something that isn’t broken. That’s for sure.”