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quote-cities-have-the-capability-of-providing-something-for-everybody-only-because-and-only-jane-jacobs-39-44-02May 4 2016 is the one hundredth anniversary of Jane Jacob’s birth. She was a remarkable lady, a Canadian who moved to New York City in the 1930’s and bucked the trend to go to suburbia, choosing to raise her three children in the gritty Greenwich Village and later in Brooklyn. And she wrote about planning and architecture, and had a clear sense of what was good and what was bad for people and for cities.

I have felt forever aligned with Jane Jacobs. I loved her  style of direct, concise writing, her unalienable belief that inner cities were places of beauty and people, and her tenacity taking on Robert Moses, the Darth Vader of  early 20th century New York City  road building.

In the early 1980’s, there were few women that had written, lectured in planning and of course had scolded Robert Moses. She came to speak at Robson…

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