From San Francisco Business Times:


More than a third of Bay Area residents recently polled by the Bay Area Councilsaid they are planning to leave the region, as skyrocketing housing costs, terrible commutes and an increasingly high cost of living make the area very difficult to afford.

In addition, over half of the residents polled in San Francisco County said the region was headed in the wrong direction, a massive leap from the only 28 percent who felt the same way last year. You can read the full report here. …

Overall, the poll painted a gloomy picture for the Bay Area, with 22 percent of those who answered saying high housing costs are their biggest concern, followed by traffic at 17 percent and cost of living at 9 percent.

The council said it considers the study to be a “canary in a coal mine” and called on local civic and business leaders to work to address the issues to keep the region from experiencing a mass exodus.

“Residents’ discontent is palpable, and we can’t ignore it,” Jim Wunderman, Bay Area Council president and CEO, told the San Francisco Business Times. “Traffic is horrific. Our housing shortage is pricing workers, families and others out of their homes and out of the region. Together, these problems threaten to erode our economic vitality and diminish our quality of life.”