Here’s a chance to get involved and provide your ideas and guidance to this post-viaducts re-development of Northeast False Creek (NEFC). City of Vancouver wants people to provide advice and insight in two areas:

  1. Stewardship Group — the planning process; how to secure and maintain the NEFC vision once the viaducts are gone (up to 15 people)
  2. Park Design Advisory Group — input on the design of the park and open spaces (10-12 people).


Here’s your chance to become involved in creating a new neighbourhood in the City.  As the staff report to Council says about the viaduct project:

The opportunity to remove the viaducts and create a new neighborhood that is connected to many existing neighborhoods is a once in a lifetime opportunity to address many council objectives and further existing initiatives, such as the Greenest City Action Plan, the Earthquake Strategy, the Climate Adaptation Plan, the Healthy City Strategy, the housing affordability initiative, and fundamentally further good urban design, which Vancouver is so well known for. Furthermore, by pursuing this approach, we can seek to address the community desires to see the expedited delivery of the Creekside Park Extension, and to address traffic related concerns along Prior Street, east of the viaducts. The removal of the viaducts appears to offer solutions to these concerns while also advancing other City objectives.