Cara McKenna at APTN discusses the First Nations’ view of the recent two Jericho land purchases.  The video is well worth your time (1 min 57 seconds).

Musqueam Coun. Wendy John said many people are looking at the deal “with dollar signs in their eyes,” but that the deal’s value is much more significant than money.

“The value to us is huge. Not monetary, but the feeling of being able to say it’s ours again in a complete ownership package,” John said. “I think the idea of the suffering of those who went before us, and the commitment that they made to bring us to where we are, is something that can never be measured in dollars, for sure, but it sure can be measured in spirit.” . . . .

. . . . The First Nations are also planning to create a corporation to manage their numerous land purchases around the Lower Mainland. The Jericho Lands is now the largest and most valuable tract of land owned by the three First Nations.

Squamish Chief Ian Campbell said a number of ideas are being considered for the area, but he envisions a visionary development that will showcase the area’s history and culture.

“This is a welcoming home for us to inspire our young people to get involved in these projects,” he said. “We’re not a vanished race. We’re here. It’s very exciting to look at the next chapter of our collective future as we move forward and engage in business and land development.”



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