Out for a short ride today. But the seawall at Sunset Beach was a strange scene — it’s the 4/20 Vancouver marijuana event (named after the date). It is in theory intended to speed up the impending federal legalization of the demon weed. You can protest, and join in to sell product and establish brand names. And a big toke of civil disobedience thrown in — maybe (it’s all a bit hazy). Lots going on there.

I see it as a wild west of unrestrained capitalism, which I’m sure delights all neo-libertarians everywhere.  And purchasers have no idea what they are buying, from whom, how strong it is, what else is in it, and so on. Caveat emptor, indeed.  It seems to me that the sooner the better for legalization, as we teeter, dazed and confused, between the old struck-down medical-weed laws and some sort of impending Federal legislation and city police indifference and local city shop licensing.