1. I really despise food trucks. They represent, I think, all that is wrong with North American culture: Take-away, throw-away, disposable, cheap but not inexpensive. They add clutter and inconsistency to our streetscapes and all too often rob pedestrians of valuable sidewalk space. And most of them have gas powered generators to add to GHG emissions and local air pollution and noise.
    They have their place. Special events and festivals and creative deployment in unlikely places. Food service outside of craft beer tasting rooms that are located in semi-industrial zones without good restaurant service is a good example. But they are not a good addition to our urban fabric in most cases.

  2. Sometimes simple elements like staircases provide a multi-purpose seating that isn’t tortured like some “high design” elements. It’s seating for eating lunch, and it’s also an amphitheatre.

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