Can you say “carbon footprint”? I checked the date to make sure it isn’t April 1st.
This story from Yahoo News about beating the Vancouver commuter blues:

Wealthy executives who live in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley, outside of Vancouver, are jumping aboard the trend of helicopter service as a way to commute to the city.

In January, Pitt Meadows-based Sky Helicopters started offering door-to-door commuter service, which costs $1,000 a month.

George Lacny, Sky Helicopters’ director of sales and marketing, says the company introduced the service because it was clear there was a demand. So far 12 people have signed up for the service.

The only thing like this I can recall around here is/was the “Daddy planes” that flew people (men) up the coast to islands like Savary and Hernando during the summer. I remember one workshop/executive retreat a dozen years ago where a participant picked up his cellphone and ordered a Beaver floatplane to land at the beach in front of the venue. His son was playing in a rugby game that afternoon and he felt he ought to be there.

Describing it as “Uber-like,” Lacny says invoicing for the service is done beforehand, and customers are privy to their own helicopter that seats up to four people. They can be picked up from smaller regional airport hubs, or on larger estates that have enough space for a helicopter to land.

“We can often land right at their home,” he explains.

Those flying to Vancouver are dropped off at the city’s heliport station. The 40-kilometre trek from Pitt Meadows to downtown Vancouver can be done in less than 15 minutes by air.

Another story on the same theme is in both the Financial Post and the Vancouver Sun.


  1. They say when inequality reaches a certain point, and lack of transit means that traffic gets so bad, that people choose to escape the poor below by taking to the skies.
    This is usually referred to as a black mark against your city, that your urban planning/infrastructure has not kept up with your city’s growth.
    There’s *no way* that could be the case here too is there? That would be *shocking*.

  2. Slightly more useful and less annoying than the TV/radio traffic chopper that hovers over an area with congestion, despite there being traffic cameras. Does the traffic helicopter still fly? Happily I haven’t heard it in a while. Or the heli-picnic service that Grouse Mountain offered at one point, much to the delight of everybody who hiked the trails underneath the helicopter path.

  3. A Culture of Fear… I’m currently reading this book that outlines how the mainstream media and other vested interests can make a big scary story about not that much… as if I didn’t already know. We don’t need to fear this becoming a trend – and a dozen people are not going to make a difference even if their lifestyle choices are completely pathetic.
    We’re also being fed some BS on the cost. The above reported pricing suggests that the cost is about $1.50/minute of flying time for the service. But there are far more costs to the company like the empty return trip, ground time, airport fees, administration etc. I can’t imagine it is a viable business at those prices.

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