According to this update the aquifer was hit by an inexperienced driller in about twenty meters of depth, but then he pulled out the drilling pipe, unable to plug the hole. A typical rookie mistake – according to an experienced driller – as aquifers are frequently penetrated and drilled through for geothermal energy systems in Vancouver on a regular basis.
Keep the drillers phone number handy for next summers drought …
Update as of August 2016: no drought .. but aquifer is still gushing ..


  1. Still leaking
    “More than one billion litres of water have spurted from a $3 million residential lot on the west side of Vancouver since inexperienced drillers breached an aquifer under the site then fled the country 15 months ago. Qualified crews took over the site a few days after the breach and after months of planning and preparation (and pauses for government approvals), they …”

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