A little history:  the Planning Commission invited some past Commissioners and leading planning and development industry professionals to share their reflections on signification decisions, actions and events of 2015 that could have a transformative impact on how Vancouver evolves.
The resulting top choices are listed below in random order:

Viaducts to be demolished
Renewable City Strategy
Starchitect towers arrive in Vancouver
St. Paul’s Hospital relocation
#Don’tHave1Million protests
Arts Factory opens
Brenhill Decision
Bridge safety fences approved
False Creek Flats planning process begins
Heritage Action Plan approved
Shaughnessy becomes first conservation area
Transportation plebiscite fails
Grandview Woodlands Citizens’ Assembly report
City Hall Leadership Changes
Waterfront tower re-ignites debate on Waterfront Hub

Here’s your chance to debate and expand the list:

Vancouver’s Planning and Development Milestones

  • Discussion on the transformative planning and development events of 2015
  • Launch of the first edition of a chronology of planning and development milestones in Vancouver

Date: Tuesday, January 26, 2016
Location: Museum of Vancouver, Joyce Walley Hall
What were the defining decisions, actions and events of 2015 in planning and development that could prove to be transformative in Vancouver’s evolution?
The Vancouver City Planning Commission presents a discussion with panellists involved in Vancouver’s planning and development as they share their views on significant events from 2015. They will draw on a list brainstormed in advance and on suggestions from the audience.

Just to prove there are humans involved in this, here is one of the Audience Preview highlights:

  • Share your reflections with other snacks provided

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