1. Thanks Ken!
    I am posting from London UK where I’ve been based for the last two years while still keeping tabs on my hometown. This week I’ll share some thoughts on what lessons Vancouver might take from the UK context and vice versa.
    There has been a recent show on 100 Housing ideas for London at the New London Architecture learning centre. I’ll share the best ones and reflect a little on the challenges common to our cities. As an aside, the NLA centre itself is an excellent example of what Vancouver could do to create a proper Urbanarium.
    Finally I also have some material on Iconic Lessons from London – doctors can bury their victims; architects can only plant vines! Iconic promises; iconic successes; iconic failures. Lots to take away!!
    Cheers! Chat soon!!
    Michael Mortensen

  2. Ken – thanks for maintaining the high standards that Gord has established. Looking forward to Michael’s stint and take on urban development affairs. I’m sure it will be different and equally good.

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