Here’s the cover photo from the Holiday 2015 issue of the Globe Style Advisor (“The Globe and Mail Guide to Inspired Living”).
Images like this are becoming a more common tool to attract the attention of young urbanistas. In this case, those with bucks to spend on style.
I note several things, as any good propaganda-meister should: bike as cargo carrier; bike rider in ordinary city clothes (highly-stylish, no spandex in sight); urban setting; sturdy city bike with fattish tires, bell, lights, reflectors, chain guard, internally-geared hub, fenders and relaxed posture.


  1. I was in a kids goods store yesterday in the big-box retail suburbs of Calgary. Imagine my delight when, in the car seat section, I saw a Norco city bike decked out with kids seats. Now I wish I’d taken a photo!

  2. I defy that woman – or any other – to either walk or ride that bike in those shoes. The Globe Style advice does not seem to extend to sensible footwear.

  3. Commenting on fashion photos? New low for the blog, or just someone with a boring wkd desperately mousing for any form of relevance? Maybe seacrh ‘less is more.’

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