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Canada Land

South China Morning Post’s Vancouver correspondent Ian Young speaks with Jesse about wealth migration, racism, and immigration schemes.

Though Ian and Jesse think there is a lack of a “robust public conversation” in the city due to a media monopoly and the cosiness of a one-industry real-estate town, nonetheless the stories accumulate – most recently Doug Todd’s feature on Richmond in The Sun (Why does upscale neighbourhood appear ‘poor’ to tax officials?).  And there are, no doubt, many, many private conversations passing on anecdotes (and a lot of rumour).

Nonetheless, if there is indeed “mass exploitation” of the Canadian immigration system, corrupting influences of dirty money and distortions of peripheral housing markets leading to widespread social injustice generationally downstream, will there be a pivotal event, potentially explosive, that sparks not just that conversation but a response which, if pushed to an extreme, could unleash ugly forces building up under pressure?

Only if political leadership fails to overcome its own denialism.


  1. Great interview. Also love the idea of mapping household income vs assessed property value. Or even better, mapping change in these variables over time. Might have to do that for Vancouver if I get around to it…

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