This was Ohrn Images  at the beginning of January:

Ohrn bike counter Jan 2015

 January 2, 2015

36 comments followed, with a heated discussion on the purposes of the bike counter.


Here’s one reason why the counter was a good idea:

Ohrn bike counter Feb 1

February 1, 2015.

We measure what matters.



Took a slightly drippy but very refreshing ride to Burrard and Cornwall this morning, arriving at around 09:15, and hanging around for about 10 minutes.

The total bike count for January is 62,827, which is ~16% higher than January 2014, and 79.5% higher than January 2013.

The arithmetic goes like this:

Current yearly count:          62942

Current count for Feb 1          115
January total                         62827


Then, what we measure starts to matter more.

The meme that ‘people don’t cycle in Vancouver for six months because of the weather’ –  we know now that it’s not true.


  1. Gordon: the sub-title on the first image should read January 22, 2015.

    Also, “what we measure starts to matter”.

  2. Careful, this winter has been exceptionally warm and dry – especially January – with many days 5 degrees above normal. Wkd daytimes have brought out the recreationals and cruisers. Give the numbers time, or you’ll be accused of the same shoddy stats you disparage elsewhere.

  3. For one, I’m happy that people are out riding bikes, taking advantage of the opportunity. Nothing to fear there, or to cluck one’s tongue over.

  4. This January has been warmer than average, but not drier. My backyard weather station showed a total of 178mm of rain in January compared to an average of 168mm over the past 7 years.

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