In October, Bicycle Trax posted “airports in the United States and elsewhere have bicycle parking available for travelers.”

YVR wasn’t on this list, but communications guy Terry Chou provided a link to their cycling page (the Larry Berg Flight Path Park – northwest corner  – includes a bike pump and repair station) – and this item from CNN:

Consider the airport bike path, an increasingly popular feature at airports around the world.

Some allow travelers to pedal right up to their plane, while others skirt airport perimeters, permitting cyclists a closeup view of the behemoths of the sky.

Among the favourites:

Airport bike

Vancouver International Airport

Vancouver’s busy international airport describes itself as “committed” to helping more people ride to and from its location on a semi-detached island a little more than 10 miles from the city center.

An official airport map has a range of cycling options, including cycle lanes adjoining roads and shared pathways, with no fewer than five sets of bike parking racks scattered between the terminals.

If you arrive weary from a flight and decide you simply can’t face a ride into the city, the airport’s rapid rail transit system happily transports bikes (apart from two hours during peak commuter times).


  1. Baltimore-Washington International Airport quietly became the first in North America to install a bikeshare system last year, although it consists of just one docking station and ten bicycles – designed to explore the surrounding trails during a layover. As this article asks, how long before a less-isolated airport (such as DCA, LGA, or SFO) incorporates bikeshare docks as a means to get from the airport to the city (assuming the appropriate infrastructure exists)? Or how long before it’s offered as a means to get from one terminal or gate to another?

    I’m heading to DC in May, and hope to get some more information, and perhaps write a piece on the subject. Given their vast size, airports seem perfectly suited for navigating by bike.

  2. Interesting choice of picture – this is actually not a bike path but is the play runway in Flight Path Park. Nearby, there is a bike tool station and the fairly new MUP parallel to Russ Baker Way is nearby. YVR has added lots of cycling facilities in the last few years and the recent widening of bike lanes on the Arthur Laing Bridge is most welcome. It would be great If they were to add some secure bike parking for travellers and a bike boxing/deboxing room at the terminal. I believe there is such a facility at Victoria Airport. Also of note is that YVR (the organization) is one of the few companies in Metro Vancouver which has a parking cashout setup, whereby all transportation modes of employees are equally subsidized including cycling.

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